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Take safety to the edge: Part 2 of our data-dive series

Dr. Bose
Dr. Ashim Bose
Chief Data and AI Officer

Measuring safety at the edge can optimize your operation.

Shortly after my first appearance on the HDT Talks Trucking three-part Leadership Insights podcast series, I joined the team for part two. This time around, we focused on data's relationship to safety. I recommend you listen to the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of how safety shapes our data approach at Omnitracs and how you can utilize innovation to help drivers stay safe. Here are a few significant points I covered.

Cutting-edge safety

Our evolution with edge intelligence, or AI in the cab, enables you to be proactive within your operation and train drivers in the moment. It's a process that has been long in the making and will continue to evolve rapidly with our times.

For so long, we've looked to safety metrics as a reactive asset. In other words, transferring driver and vehicle data from the cab to the cloud and then transforming that data into insights for your operation takes time and thereby results in historical safety metrics rather than real-time data. While historical metrics are critical and beneficial, breaking down safety data at the edge — which is now possible — helps you address dangerous driving behaviors, like lane departures and excessive speeding, in real time. This approach allows you and your teams to be proactive and not reactive so that you can prevent incidents resulting from compromised protection.

Prioritizing the user interface

Data is only useful when it's understood. Metrics — however accurate — are only beneficial if they're insightful and digestible. It's a highly technical world, and with all the inputs, our brains can only process so much before they shut off. That's where an easily navigable user experience comes into play.

An evolved user interface (UI) includes:

  • An easy-to-use and uncluttered screen

  • Consistent icons across various applications

  • Instantaneous user responses

Our talented team of UI experts works day in and day out to ensure the most interactive and straightforward user experience for you. Now, let's look beyond the interface and toward our safety intelligence.

Applying safety intelligence to your fleet

We incorporate critical safety metrics in our data and analytics solutions. These metrics encompass critical safety event indicators, including collision avoidance and hard braking. We can then break down these data points in a granular way, giving you the ability to customize what you see when you want to see it.

Additionally, welcoming SmartDrive has helped us help you greatly enhance your entire safety operation — and when I say enhance, I mean really enhance. Now, you can utilize real-time intelligence to prevent unsafe parking, unsafe speeds based on road conditions, and other driver behaviors that jeopardize safety.

Many drivers are understandably hesitant about inward-facing cameras, but our solutions are not focused on pointing the finger at drivers and scolding behaviors. Our primary goal is to help keep drivers safe and alert them — and your teams — of extenuating conditions in real time. Our data and analytics approach begins with keeping drivers and your business reputation safe. That's a key part of what makes Omnitracs the leading fleet intelligence provider.

Listen to the rest of my conversation with HDT Talks Trucking here. The third and final part of our data-dive series posts will be coming your way later this month, so stay tuned!