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Third-party developments are underway for Canadian ELD testing — here’s how we’re preparing to help you

Michael Ahart
Michael Ahart
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

This past week, Transport Canada issued a second round of draft testing procedures related to the standardized testing procedures — or testing regime — of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) highlighted in the Technical Standard of Electronic Logging Devices that was released in spring 2019. Finalizing the testing regime is an essential part of ensuring that the application process for third-party certification bodies requesting accreditation is steadily moving forward in conjunction with the Canadian ELD Mandate compliance deadline on June 12, 2021.

When Canada’s ELD Mandate announcement took place eight months ago, many eyes were on the accompanying third-party certification requirement, as this requirement will streamline cross-border operations for ELDs — a sentiment echoed by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Executive Director Collin Mooney.

Recent developments

Preliminary drafts currently being circulated are detailing step-by-step testing requirements by which certification bodies will proceed with testing devices in order to verify compliance to the ELD Technical Standard and Hours of Service regulations.

This recent activity is a clear indication that Transport Canada, in partnership with the Standards Council of Canada, is getting closer to opening up the application phase that will allow certification bodies to become accredited — sending a message to the industry that they are making progress in the development of the certification regime and toward meeting their original timeline goals.

How Omnitracs is preparing

We know the last thing customers want is to continue buying new devices to keep up with changing regulations. That’s why we’re committed to making certain we will have devices available for third-party certification in order to limit operational disruptions and ensure our customers are able to continue seamlessly using our devices. 

Our product management and software development teams are taking the steps necessary to ensure our customers are able to meet the June 2021 compliance date. With an understanding that there is significant harmony between U.S. and Canadian ELD technical specifications, we will support the implementation of the Canadian ELD software with small, periodic firmware updates. These interim steps will provide ample time for driver training, which will be an important step in ensuring our customers’ ability to achieve compliance ahead of the Canadian ELD deadline.

Keep checking our blog for all of your Canadian ELD update needs, and don’t miss the opportunity to learn all you need to know about regulations, compliance updates, and the Canadian ELD deadline at our 2020 Omnitracs Outlook User Conference taking place in Las Vegas from February 16-19!