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Volunteering to Keep the Transportation Industry Secure

Sharon Reynolds
Chief Information Security Officer

Transportation professionals have already made significant strides to make our nation safer, both on and off the road. But as our industry continues to grow and we see more technology and processes, the threat landscape evolves and expands as well.

As the president of the InfraGard North Texas Member Alliance, I’ve seen first-hand how counterterrorism, human tracking, ransomware, and other threats are impacting the transportation industry. I’ve also realized that’s it is up to us – the members of this community – to volunteer our time and fight back.

Whether it’s offline or online, here are a few ways for us to band together and make a difference:

  • Offer training for your drivers: Educate members on security issues impacting our industry. Drivers who are alert and prepared are our first line of defense. In the case of Con-way Freight, an employee who knew the signs of suspicious activity was able to report an incident to authorities, stopping a potential domestic terrorist attack from happening in the first place.
  • Get involved with a volunteer group: Drivers are the eyes and ears on the road. Organizations such as Truckers Against Trafficking, a mobile army of transportation professionals who assist law enforcement in recognizing and reporting human trafficking, encourage people to say something if they see something. Drivers can also get involved in volunteer groups on a local level. For example, the I-94 Human Trafficking Awareness Project helps community members and industry professional collaborate across southeastern Wisconsin to end human exploitation.


Whether it’s banding together in a group or making a call to save a human life, our industry professionals are dedicated to make safety a priority. Volunteering with organizations that make our nation safer is another excellent way for our industry to make a change.

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