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Your business and intelligent routing software: A perfect match

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Tyler Forcum
Senior Product Manager

Formulated in the 1800s, the Traveling Salesman Problem is a classic, complex mathematical problem that remains well-used in computer science and research circles. It poses this question: If a salesman is given a list of cities and distances, how long would it take him to travel to each city and return to his origin city?

If you were given 33 cities, the human brain would need 28 trillion years to accurately formulate an answer. Putting it another way, if you had 12 deliveries to make in a single day, there are about 479,001,600 different ways to make those deliveries.

This problem is best linked to an algorithm, which is properly defined as a procedure for solving a mathematical problem in a finite number of steps. Algorithmic models, like the ones used in complex routing software, remain at the center of route optimization solutions, enabling users to precisely define and follow the protocols they put in place. 

Here are just a few ways you can benefit your business by utilizing an algorithmic routing solution:

Create defined rules to best fit your business

Algorithms enable you to implement and adjust your route optimizations to maximize efficiency and cost savings and ensure your defined rules are being followed, from driver behavior to overall distance and time.

Utilize your routing software anytime, anywhere

Gain 24/7 access to a web-based, SaaS application, whether your fleet operations are set at off-business hours or your back-office team prefers tablets to laptops. Routing solutions enable some of the largest distribution companies in the world to eliminate excess mileage and cost from their downstream supply chain.

Prioritize customer service to meet customer demands

Customers want real-time answers to their order inquiries. Maintaining transparency with customers is a key way to grow your overall business reputation. Utilize real-time updates made possible by Omnitracs routing solutions to answer any “Where’s my order” questions that come your way.

Help your business thrive by learning more about the algorithms at the center of our route optimization solutions.