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Omnitracs Dispatching and routing solutions

The world is changing — a digital transformation is occurring

As more companies take advantage of cloud-native applications and platforms, their teams in the back-office and in the field are becoming more flexible. Give your teams the freedom to experiment with new dispatch and routing methodologies and uncover efficiencies without impacting real-time orders and deliveries.

Converge your data and devices. Give your teams and customers one place to share information and communications in real-time — so your company can optimize strategic and daily route planning, execution, and actual vs planned routing performance from a single source of truth.

See Success in Route Planning and Optimization

Palmer-Donavin improves employee and customer experiences with route planning and optimization

Logistics in the Last Mile

Learn how you can use integrated last-mile transportation systems to keep essential businesses flowing smoothly and safely in the last mile


Omnitracs Strategic Planning White Paper

Route-based solutions play a key role in cutting costs and improving productivity in the distribution and service industry.


Your Route Optimization Idea Book

Route optimization is, as the term implies, the process of optimizing routes for the driver, the customer, and the company. Drivers need to

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