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April 12, 2016

Omnitracs Launches Sylectus Mobile On Demand to Track Location of Third-Party Vehicles

Omnitracs, LLC, a global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, today announced the availability of Omnitracs’ Sylectus Mobile On Demand, a vehicle location tracking and circle of service notification feature within its Sylectus Mobile application for iOS and Android. This new feature automates position and shipment event updates for any vehicle hauling for fleets equipped with the Omnitracs Sylectus Transportation Management System (TMS), regardless of whether the vehicle is outfitted with a telematics solution or not. Sylectus Mobile On Demand’s circle of service, imaging, and signature capture capabilities deliver productivity and efficiency gains to benefit drivers and fleet management.

The Omnitracs Sylectus Network and TMS enable fleets to accept every load by leveraging trucks from other carriers to “virtually” grow their operation without capital investment. Until now, however, utilizing third-party vehicles to expand capacity has posed visibility and customer service challenges, as dispatchers have been unable to automatically receive vehicle location and status updates on brokered loads. Furthermore, drivers not affiliated with the primary fleet have not been able to easily access or convey critical workflow information to the Sylectus-equipped fleet. Sylectus Mobile On Demand solves these problems, enabling seamless, automated information delivery between Sylectus TMS-equipped fleets and third-party vehicles carrying brokered freight.

“At Omnitracs Sylectus, our value proposition is clear, we enable fleets to say ‘yes’ to every load, scaling to meet customer demand in real time, while avoiding the risks associated with investing in assets that may sit idle much of the time. With Sylectus Mobile On Demand, carriers benefit from seamless vehicle location monitoring, automated trip ETA updates and circle of service integration, allowing them to better manage assets and improve service to their customers,” stated Kim Drouillard, director of sales and implementation at Omnitracs Sylectus. “The new mobile app functionality also keeps drivers happier by simplifying and automating information exchange with dispatch, whether through arrival and departure updates or transmission of signature capture and document imaging assets.”

Sylectus Mobile On Demand provides accurate third party position updates delivered every five, 15, or 60 minutes, enabling drivers to update load status directly, and enabling dispatchers to intervene in the case of problems and provide timely delivery updates to customers. Additional features of Sylectus Mobile On Demand include the signature capture and document imaging capabilities which accelerate and simplify invoicing and settlement processes, as well as circle of service updates which provide dispatch efficiency while reducing the number of incoming trip status calls.  Combined with the Omnitracs Sylectus TMS, these Sylectus Mobile On Demand features provide carriers with the tools they need to operate as though every truck moving their consigned freight is part of their own, unified fleet all for a competitive per transaction fee.  

“A growing number of fleets rely on our SaaS-based TMS for mobile asset management and dispatch. Sylectus Mobile On Demand further enhances their ability to scale capacity to customer demand quickly and take on every new business opportunity, adding revenue to the bottom line,” added Drouillard.

“Employing Omnitracs’ Sylectus Mobile On Demand has significantly improved our business operations. As we track third-party vehicles and freight with hundreds of transactions per month, it is mandatory that we know where our customers’ freight is at all times. With Sylectus Mobile On Demand, we’ve got access to business-critical, automatic updates via the TMS notification; this takes the various positions and then pivots to deliver the updates to the customers in a streamlined fashion,” said Mike Johnson, vice president of operations for Sylectus customer Load One. “Additionally, the Signature Capture and Imaging features allow us to invoice customers immediately, which in turn means we can be paid much quicker. It’s a win-win.”

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