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December 21, 2015

Roadnet® Transportation Suite 3.7.3 Delivers New Features and Functionality to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies, which provides fleets with clear, detailed oversight of vehicle and driver operation, today announced the availability of Roadnet® Transportation Suite 3.7.3, featuring enhancements to its on premise vehicle routing, scheduling, tracking, mobile workforce and fleet management platform. The latest version of the solution incorporates new functionality to meet the changing requirements of fleet customers. FleetLoader, Scheduler, MobileCast and Roadnet are among the products within the suite that have been upgraded with advanced features.  

With Roadnet Transportation Suite 3.7.3, users have enhanced service rules to apply when using standard routes. While tapping into standard routes previously required adherence to pre-established rule, the enhanced solution allows users to keep the routes the same, but start them at different times to accommodate various operational requirements without having to recreate a route plan. This new option saves time and improves efficiency, optimizing the bottom line and improving productivity.

“We remain committed to timely and responsive product innovation in response to customers’ requests and in alignment with their changing business needs,” stated Kevin Haugh, general manager, Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies. “By allowing fleets to configure standard routes to align with their specific operational considerations, we have made it easier for them to take advantage of Roadnet’s advanced route planning algorithms.”

“The latest version of the suite incorporates several enhancements to web services for improved integration with third-party software, such as route accounting and enterprise resource planning applications,” commented Cyndi Brandt, senior director of product marketing and alliances for Omnitracs Roadnet. “This new functionality assists with improved importing and exporting of driver information to backend systems and enables users to import and export routes, items and SKUs, which is incredibly valuable when utilizing multiple systems for logistics needs.”

The Roadnet Transportation Suite combines cost-efficient routing, real-time data collection, and powerful analysis tools to ensure that fleets are running the best routes for every delivery. The software offers the industry’s most sophisticated algorithms, which allow users to create routes and load plans that work best for their business. Real-time notifications help keep drivers up-to-speed in the field, and customizable reports enable timely driver performance monitoring.

Roadnet Transportation Suite 3.7.3 is now available. For additional information, visit

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