Dayton Freight

Dayton Freight streamlines everyday processes for their teams.

The Challenge:

Dayton Freight realized early on that adopting technology was crucial to their success. Although they had already invested heavily in every area of their operation, they were still struggling to optimize customer service and driver satisfaction while keeping administrative and fuel costs low.

To remain profitable, the company needed a solution to automate critical manual procedures and provide uninterrupted information delivery. Omnitracs helped them do just that.

The Solution:

Dayton Freight partnered with Omnitracs in 2008 when they adopted a driver workflow solution through their Omnitracs ELDs and HOS applications. They trusted Omnitracs to streamline and automate all critical functions of their operation, including load assignments, event triggers, and work process forms.

Driver workflow solutions from Omnitracs gave Dayton Freight the power to analyze data in near real-time, improve on-time service, maintain fleet efficiently, and accurately document all operations. With these capabilities, they were able to exceed their vision statement of, “Delivering value today…driving the standard for tomorrow,” and focus on their top priority: their customers.

The Results:

  • 20% growth rate
  • 7.7% boost in miles per gallon
  • 3% increase in stops per hour

Company Snapshot

Industry: Less-Than-Truckload Shipping

Fleet size: 1,000+

Location: Ohio, USA


Since 1981, Dayton Freight has grown their once modest trucking company to the second largest in Ohio and one of the biggest in the United States. As a regional LTL carrier that prides itself on a nearly 99% on-time service rate, the company has maintained their impressive reputation for exceptional customer service with the right compliance and workflow solutions.

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