Independent researchers surveyed our customers. Here’s what they found.

We asked Hobson & Company, an independent research firm specializing in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI), to research the results our customers received from Roadnet Anywhere, Omnitracs’ routing and scheduling solution. They conducted in-depth interviews with twelve (12) Roadnet clients. What they found validated our own evidence that Roadnet Anywhere has a substantial and positive impact on key revenue, cost, and product metrics for the fleets that use it.

In an ever-changing environment, Roadnet’s value is constant.

Routing staff turns over, customers move, order volume rises and falls, and the weather does what it will. Roadnet lets you handle it with half the time and effort. In addition to a 55% reduction in time spent on routing, interviewed Roadnet customers reported:

  • 23% reduction in total miles driven, attributed to Roadnet, which uses advanced algorithms to balance routes with customer requirements
  • 27% reduction in driver overtime by creating optimal routes and providing live driver feedback on actual vs planned performance
  • 20% reduction in fleet size, a critical metric, as fixed fleet costs are a significant contributor to overall fleet expenses

A leading independent firm has done the research for you. Download the eBook to see all the ways Roadnet has improved fleet operations and financial results for our customers.

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