Custom Speed Monitoring and Reporting

Improve Fleet Safety with More Effective Safety Monitoring

Designed around the simple driver behavior that has the greatest impact on safety and performance, the SpeedGauge Safety Center (SGSC) motivates drivers, empowers managers, and provides accountability. Using SpeedGauge, fleets have access to a range of features for tracking and managing vehicle speed trends and driver behavior — the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy.

Solution Benefits

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Reduce Speeding Frequency

See when and where drivers are speeding — identify at-risk drivers and reduce speeding incident frequency.

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Improve Fleet Safety Scores

Reduce speeding violations, speeding incidents, and risk.

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Gain Actionable Insights

View the big picture or highlight individual drivers — see incidents as they occur with a live activity feed.

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Reduce Unnecessary Expenses

Reduce fuel prices, speeding tickets, accidents, and rising insurance premiums.

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Improve Driver Performance

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Rate Yourself

See how you compare to other fleets with a comparative benchmark.

Incentivize the Best and Coach the Rest

Identifying the safest and most at-risk drivers helps fleets improve driver accountability and create better drivers. SpeedGauge helps fleets not only identify which drivers are unsafe but can advise you on ways to correct driver performance issues with the help of SpeedGauge’s customer support team.

Safe drivers should be rewarded and SpeedGauge customer support can help you figure out effective ways to recognize good driving and create more effective incentive programs.

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