Integrated Telematics for Volvo® Trucks

Real-Time Vehicle Location and Driver Behavior Data

Save Your Fleet Money and Keep Your Drivers Safe on the Road

Omnitracs and Volvo have partnered to offer Omnitracs Integrated Telematics, which provides real-time insight into vehicle location and driver behaviors.

With Omnitracs Integrated Telematics, fleets now have the tools to stay informed about where their vehicles are and how they’re being driven so they can spot trends and proactively manage drivers. This cloud-based solution, which requires no additional hardware, provides access to real-time data to help fleets reduce costs and help drivers stay safe on the road.

Benefits of Integrated Telematics

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Lowers Costs by Reducing Accidents

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, speeding is a factor in over 27 percent of fatal crashes, which can cost in excess of $1 million.

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Improve Driver Retention

Drivers enjoy a seamless, pain-free user experience from full integration of Omnitracs applications into existing systems.

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Put a Stop to Downtime

Keep your trucks on the road — no third-party hardware to purchase or costly installations to coordinate.

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Burn Less Fuel

Reduce fuel usage by reducing idling and save.

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Increase Safety and Productivity

See if drivers have been speeding, idling, or visiting restricted locations with detailed reports and driver scoreboards.

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Hold Drivers Accountable

Find out if trucks are being used when they shouldn’t be for non-work activities.

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