Omnitracs Tax Manager

Intuitive International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting and deducting for your fleet.

Maximize your IFTA and fuel tax deductions

Eliminate errors caused by manual processes or other tax-prep solutions. With Omnitracs Tax Manager, you can:

  • Automatically collect fuel-purchase data
  • Find additional deductions from tax-exempt areas
  • Stay compliant with new or changing tax laws  
  • Access historical tax records from up to six years back


bag of money with a dollar sign on it

Rapid tax retrieval

Retrieve tax information within 24 hours to minimize time wasted spent on waiting for critical tax documents.

multiple arrows surrounding a gear wheel

Automated data collection

Automatically obtain information regarding GPS location, mileage, and fuel purchases to enhance driver and fleet monitoring.

paper report with a bar chart and a paragraph

Generated PDF filings

Create, print, sign, and send IFTA tax filings to efficiently ensure tax compliance every quarter.

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