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Government regulations, cross-border controls, and local rules are all part of an evolving regulatory landscape. Omnitracs offers comprehensive HOS, IFTA, ELD, FMCSA and DOT compliance software that allows you to keep your fleet in compliance with the latest regulations, including the recent ELD mandate ruling. Smart fleet managers understand the importance of selecting compliance solutions that stay ahead of new and changing regulations to ensure continuity for their business.

Compliance requires agility and simplicity

Omnitracs’ senior regulatory staff works closely with industry organizations, government agencies, and its savvy, in-house research and development team to offer customer solutions that quickly adapt to rule changes. This agility minimizes business disruption and provides greater competitive advantages.

Of course, a compliance solution is only effective if it offers drivers a quick and intuitive way to record information — and fleet managers the means to produce comprehensive reports that help avoid potential violations. As an industry pioneer with decades of experience, Omnitracs is committed to providing simple, powerful solutions that allow both drivers and fleet managers to focus less on commercial transportation regulations, and more on business.

Software Solutions for Key Compliance Issues

Most recently, talk around compliance has focused on the requirements of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate. But, smart fleet managers know that compliance goes beyond just ELDs. That’s why our FMCSA-compliant software is comprised of three key applications: Hours of Service tracking, International Fuel Tax Agreement filings, and Driver Vehicle Inspections. Find out how Omnitracs can help you operate safely while saving you time and money.

Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance Software

Hours of Service provides near real-time tracking of drivers’ hours, allowing them to focus on driving safely and productively instead of spending time filling out cumbersome paper forms. By automating driver logs, fleets ensure accuracy and compliance with the latest Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations, increase overall productivity, and maximize operational efficiency.

This HOS compliance software provides automatic updates to fleet managers with duty status, driving time, and remaining hours of service, benefiting not only the driver, but also the entire fleet. Learn More

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Compliance Software

Eliminating the need to maintain separate permits and navigate the various jurisdictional reporting processes, IFTA was created to simplify the often onerous requirements of fuel reporting. However, IFTA is often still a manual process and getting it wrong can mean facing audits and profit-killing penalties.

IFTA compliance software with automatic tracking and reporting means deciphering handwritten driver logs and filing extensive paperwork are things of the past — and the fleet’s process to ensure IFTA compliance is now simplified, efficient and accurate. Learn More

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

A DVIR must be completed daily for any commercial vehicle. Automating critical inspection reporting with FMCSA compliance software eliminates the need for cumbersome paper DVIRs and saves money, increases accuracy, and improves compliance and defect resolution. Using a simple and affordable closed-loop process for vehicle and trailer inspection reports, the Omnitracs DVIR application focuses on the critical inspection elements and requirements identified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)Learn More

Choose Our Driver Compliance Software Solutions

Omnitracs' robust fleet compliance software provides drivers and fleet compliance managers with the tools they need to effectively meet regulation requirements. This HOS, IFTA, ELD, DOT and FMCSA compliance software offers an efficient, effective solution to minimize business disruption and keep your fleet on the road.

In our first month of total Hours of Service implementation, internal audits found 596 total over-hour violations. Eight months later, the number of similar audit findings had dropped to 145. That’s a 75% decrease. The improvement is staggering.

Dennis Dellinger
President, Cargo Transporters

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