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Thrive in the New Transportation Landscape

The economy continues to experience rapid change, and the transportation industry sits at the very center. To succeed in this new environment, fleets and shippers must be agile, innovative, and efficient. With great change comes great opportunity, if you’re properly prepared to seize it. Our transportation management system (TMS) software solutions provide you with the fully-equipped TMS your fleet needs to capitalize on these changes.


Seize Opportunity by Joining the Sharing Economy

Countless industries have been turned upside down by companies that scale quickly using the sharing economy, which is defined as:

“An economic model in which individuals are able to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else. The sharing economy model is most likely to be used when the price of a particular asset is high and the asset is not fully utilized all the time.”

Industry Challenges the Sharing Economy Can Solve

Inconsistent Demand

Regional economic health, seasonal discrepancies, customer acquisitions, and much more can impact load capacity and volume without notice. Be prepared to handle these changes — or your competition will.

Driver turnover

Driver Turnover

Currently sitting at 96%, turnover is a major problem. Keeping the drivers required to handle existing business is hard enough. If five extra drivers were needed for an opportunity in two weeks, could you deliver?

empty trailer

Asset Inefficiency

Empty backhauls are inefficient and limit revenue potential. With the right technology, this unfortunate reality can turn into a competitive edge and profit.

Be Bigger, When You Need To Be.

Our transportation management system features the Omnitracs Alliance Network, which allows businesses to scale to customer demand in real time. It also cuts costs by avoiding expensive investment in assets that risk sitting idle. Learn More

Transportation Management System Benefits: Eliminate Manual Processes and Increase Efficiency

Growth in the transportation industry can come with a variety of challenges: mountains of paperwork, manual ordering, billing, and payroll processes; calls to keep customers informed, among many others. If systems and processes don’t expand to keep pace, administrative work soon occupies the time that should be spent on customer service and growing the business.

Progressive, web-based transportation management system software solutions can solve these challenges, add strategic value, and scale with company growth — all without expensive IT staff and hardware. Explore our transportation management system features to find out how they could boost your business. Learn More

Now I feel like I don’t have to really worry about a backhaul load. We have companies calling us in advance. All I have to say is wow!

Musa Matar
President, Nationwide Logistics Express Inc.

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