Open Letter from Omnitracs CEO: You Are Our Safety Net

Ray Greer
Chief Executive Officer

To our customers,

There is no modern precedent for the COVID-19 public health crisis our community now faces. Even as the United States government enacts the single largest economic stimulus package in our history, businesses and individuals alike are bracing for the increasingly uncertain future. Parks are empty, gyms are closed, theaters are unlit.

Yet, the roads remain open.

Supporting the North American economy, and our communities, despite rapid fluctuations are the carriers and drivers like yourself who support our essential businesses. Grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors’ offices – all remain stocked with critical supplies because of the work you do. Despite the risk to personal health, you are at the front lines of national response efforts, tackling increased demand and longer hours on the road. Your staff has the deepest admiration and respect from myself, our executive board, and the entire Omnitracs network.

Our team also believes that we have a responsibility to do our part to protect vulnerable drivers from the health risks and financial strain of COVID-19. As we band together to support the trucking community, Omnitracs has given to two of our favorite driver-supporting non-profits:

Now at a time when our broader communities are also in need, we hope that you will join us in these efforts. Thank you again for your patience and partnership as we navigate this new normal together. Our team remains dedicated to supporting you in moving your business forward. There is no way to anticipate how the next several weeks and months will unfold. However, by staying strong as a community and supporting one another, we can make it through anything.



Ray Greer

CEO, Omnitracs