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Control Costs and Satisfy Customers Through Optimization

When operating a private fleet, there is a constant balancing act between controlling operating costs and keeping customers happy. Ensuring you are getting the most from your workers and vehicles allows you to increase deliveries each day.

To be successful, it’s best to have a plan. Take your delivery plan to the next level by not only reducing the time and money it takes to develop but also monitoring the execution of the plan in real time. Omnitracs’ solutions allow you to compare optimized plans to actual events so you can make necessary adjustments — leading to more effective fleet operations.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Omnitracs will work as your partner to ensure you are not missing out any potential cost savings or improvements in customer satisfaction.

Omnitracs Private Fleet Benefits

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Reduce Costs

Achieve the efficiencies needed to drive down operating expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and driver overtime. Save time and money that can be allocated to other business activities.

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Improve Customer Service

Not only consistently follow through on your delivery commitments but gain the ability to do so in a timely and accurate manner — every time. Ensure you keep current customers while gaining new ones.

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Seamless Integration

Omnitracs’ solutions integrate with numerous business applications and operations software programs to provide a fluid, user-friendly experience as your company achieves countless efficiencies from the time the order takes place to when it delivers.

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Grow Your Business

Put the endless data points you gather to good use. Find areas for improvement and capitalize on this information as you make the necessary advances to propel your business forward.

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We knew if we could implement a route optimization software, we could drive down the cost and time by helping our drivers to deliver the route faster and more efficiently.

Allan Hicks
LKQ, Project Manager
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