Omnitracs Insurance Industry Products

Innovation for a safer road ahead.

Omnitracs offers a broad portfolio of products which enhance the safety of the trucking industry and provide fleets with the data they need to proactively reduce risk and effectively mitigate the cost of claims.

From vehicle and asset monitoring and maintenance, to driver performance and critical event reporting, Omnitracs offers easy-to-use, effective solutions to ensure fleet and driver managers have real insight into what’s happening on the roadway.

Beyond simple monitoring, fleets can leverage the billions of bytes of data that’s being collected toward the development of predictive models that help identify drivers most at risk for a severe accident, providing proactive opportunity for mentoring, coaching, training, and ultimately preventing an accident before it happens.

In the event an accident does occur, technologies that capture video recording of what actually happened, combined with detailed log information about the driver’s compliance with Hours of Service and other federal regulations, together arm fleets, insurers, and attorneys alike with the information they need to accurately and confidently navigate the claims process.

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