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Omnitracs and MilesAhead: Leading the Way with Experience

After years of successful partnership, Omnitracs is excited to announce that it’s acquired Blue Dot’s MilesAhead™ platform and products to enhance our next-gen Omnitracs One platform. With Blue Dot’s MilesAhead capabilities, we are adding modern and unified workflow experience products - to our best-in-class portfolio.  The first-of-its-kind driver workflow product will help fleet drivers simplify the manual and exhaustive daily job tasks they are saddled with – both inside and outside the cab. This will help streamline job role business processes, better unify their teams and technology, and amplify their ability to save time and money.

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What is the MilesAhead Platform?

Founded in 1988, Denver-based Blue Dot Solutions has made a name for themselves developing enterprise-grade transportation solutions. Their MilesAhead Drive, Command, and Resolve solutions are the culmination of over three decades of experience. By combining cutting-edge cloud-native technology with powerful workflow tools and a world-class user experience, the MilesAhead platform has reinvented the way drivers and fleets manage their daily activities. More than just a workflow solution, these solutions help customers unlock their potential by simplifying daily driver and office activity, and improving overall fleet performance.

screenshot of the drive and command product interface

Driver Task Management Done Right

Being a commercial driver means much more than operating a vehicle.  Managing important trip and load information and completing critical job tasks, both in and out of the cab, is vital to keeping your driver base running as efficiently as possible. With MilesAhead Drive, you can give your drivers all the tools they need to do their job efficiently, in one single, modern, intuitive application.

With MilesAhead Drive, drivers can quickly and efficiently access everything they need to know about their route, loads and the associated job tasks for each stop they make.  And, with the powerful configuration tools inside MilesAhead Command, you can effortlessly create and modify your fleets prescribed driver workflows for an unlimited number of operations that make-up your fleet.  Your drivers will never have to use a paper notepad or guess what to do next ever again.


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Eliminate Errors & Frustration

Drivers will never have to key-in load information again.  Only relevant prescribed job tasks are presented and handled in contextual order - for each stop a driver makes.

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Save Duty Time

By guiding drivers through every step of their route and trip, and providing all necessary information in contextual order, wasted time is eliminated – making more time available for additional loads or off-duty time.

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Infinite Configurability

Every commercial fleet operates differently, with multiple divisions and driver types. Configure every stop for the accompanying driver job task and activity to save drivers time and frustration.

blue bar graph chart from the resolve product interface

Configure every stop for the accompanying driver job task and activity to save drivers time and frustration.

Every commercial fleet operates differently, with multiple divisions and driver types. MilesAhead Resolve works in harmony with your existing fleet operations platforms, including TMS, telematics, and compliance and safety systems. By leveraging machine learning and predictive modeling, this solution extracts behavioral data from your existing systems, and applies corrective actions to future problems and incidents before they become costlier and time consuming to deal with. 

MilesAhead Resolve brings corrective standard operating procedures to back-office workers, so collective teams are not running rogue in their approach to fixing the same problems and incidents.


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No More Searching

No more digging thru reports or KPI’s to flush out issues, only to realize it’s too late to do something about it. Leverage machine learning, predictive models, and smart software to do that for you and simply bring ONLY those issues to your attention that need it.

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Get the Full Picture

Historical transportation and trucking disparate and stovepipe systems isolate their date to address one single scenario and problem. With MilesAhead Resolve, we enable historical disparate systems to carefully share data, so you can enjoy expanded visibility and intelligence into every facet of your fleet.

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Free-Up Road Time

In the spirit of needing to create a more harmonic job environment for drivers, MilesAhead is the only platform that enables seamless and better communications between drivers and driver managers.

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