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Setting Your Drivers and Company Up for Success

Drivers are the face of your company. In order to ensure the success of your business, you need the proper tools to make drivers productive, efficient, and safe. Monitoring driving habits for areas of improvement can be a very valuable practice.

Quality workers can be incredibly hard to find. Omnitracs has developed solutions to help identify what separates the good from the bad so your company can save time and money recruiting and retaining valuable employees.

When you partner with Omnitracs, you can rest easy knowing that your drivers’ performance will reflect the best interests of your company and customers.

Driver Management Benefits

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Improve Visibility

With our solutions, you’ll not only be able to find the precise locations of your drivers at any given time, but you’ll also gain visibility into how they are performing in and out of the cab.

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Promote Safety

Keep your drivers safe on the road by monitoring driving habits. Be able to identify dangerous and risky behaviors such as speeding and harsh driving for possible coaching opportunities to help prevent accidents and breakdowns.

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Reduce Operating Costs

By partnering with Omnitracs, you can significantly lower overtime, insurance, and fuel costs with the advanced driver management practices that can be added to your daily operations.

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Set Your Business Up for Success

Your company is only as good as the talent you hire. Be able to identify and retain your best talent, attract new drivers, and help prevent employee burnout and turnover to set ensure future success.

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By knowing the location of our drivers and assets at all times, our capacity to effectively manage and grow our business has increased exponentially. The ability to eliminate uncertainty with a click of a button just simply makes our lives and our customers’ lives easier.

Kent Kelly
Fortune Transportation, General Manager
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