Omnitracs and MilesAhead FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the new relationship between Omnitracs and MilesHead

Q: What did Omnitracs acquire?

A: Omnitracs acquired the MilesAhead platform from Blue Dot Solutions.


Q: Is Omnitracs buying Blue Dot Solutions?

A: No. Omnitracs is only acquiring the MilesAhead platform and corresponding solutions from Blue Dot Solutions.


Q: Who is Blue Dot Solutions?

A: For over 20 years, Blue Dot Solutions has delivered enterprise-class mobile and internet of things(IoT) platform-based solutions to fleet transportation, trucking, and distribution organizations.


Q: What will happen to Blue Dot Solutions and their customers?

A: While Blue Dot Solutions continues as a separate company to support customers who use their legacy solutions, Omnitracs will provide ongoing support to customers who use the MilesAhead platform.


Q: When does this change take effect?

A: The acquisition was finalized on March 14, 2019 and took effect immediately.


Q: What is the MilesAhead platform and what does it do?

A: MilesAhead is a cloud-native workflow and trip management platform that improves operational performance by simplifying the daily jobs of drivers, driver managers, and the back-office.

  • MilesAhead Drive - Streamlines every task a driver must manage – those both inside and outside the cab – by unifying telematics, compliance, navigation capabilities, trip and load management functions, and more into a single and modern user experience
  • MilesAhead Command - Enables fleets to easily build, modify and grow their workflow and trip management solutions through a customizable and easy-to-use workflow configuration tool
  • MilesAhead Resolve - An industry-first workflow made specifically for back-office and machine learning enabled business intelligence tool that enables better operational transparency and reporting, process standardization and automation, and office worker performance monitoring


Q: Why is Omnitracs acquiring the MilesAhead platform?

A: As a result of this acquisition, Omnitracs will strengthen our best-in-class mobile and back-office workflow solutions while accelerating the delivery of our Omnitracs One vision to our customers.



Q: How does this fit into our future product strategy?

A: Omnitracs One leverages cloud-native technology to provide a simplified and unified experience. The MilesAhead platform is already cloud-native, and the products hardware agnostic, so we can more easily integrate these technologies into our platform and enable our customers more quickly.


Q: How does this acquisition help Omnitracs customers and prospects?

A: Fleets can increase efficiency through best-in-class unified workflows that give time back to drivers, driver managers, and back-office employees. Through this partnership, fleets can:

  • Enhance the Driver Experience: Combine telematics, compliance, navigation capabilities, and trip and load management data in a single, modern user interface for a streamlined driver experience
  • Gain Greater Configurability and Control: Create and modify trip plans for your drivers through intuitive user interfaces
  • Improve Data Integration: Combine the robust macros, web services, and 3rd-party integrations from MilesAhead with the capabilities provided by Omnitracs to enable seamless data sharing
  • Access Advanced Business Intelligence: Collect and analyze data from across teams and technologies to predict issues before they occur and ensure consistent responses.
  • Amplify Operations: Unlock greater performance and efficiency with the broadest portfolio of industry-leading solutions


Q: Which customers will have access to these new capabilities?

A: The new MilesAhead capabilities are being incorporated into the Omnitracs One platform.


Q: How will we integrate MilesAhead into Omnitracs products?

A: As we work over the next few development cycles to incorporate MilesAhead capabilities into the Omnitracs One platform, some Omnitracs One solutions will be updated to include MilesAhead functionality and interfaces.


Q: When will customers be able to access the MilesAhead capabilities?

A: As we integrate, we will rollout updates which will make it easier for customers to migrate and use the new functionality.

  • MilesAhead Drive and MilesAhead Command: The first phase of the new driver and back-office tools will be available for Omnitracs One customers in CYQ4 2019. After initial release, we will continue to introduce enhancements to the unified user experience.
  • MilesAhead Resolve: After the initial implementation of the mobile and trip management solutions in the fourth quarter, we will have a clearer picture of when full MilesAhead Resolve functionality will be available.


Q: What will happen to the current Omnitracs One driver and back-office user experience?

A: There is currently no depreciation timeline for user experiences within Omnitracs One. Current Omnitracs One customers can choose to switch to new interfaces as they become available.