Omnitracs Welcomes Shaw Tracking

We welcome Shaw Tracking, a leader in Canadian transportation, to the Omnitracs portfolio.

Questions About Omnitracs And Shaw Tracking?

Shaw Tracking is now part of the Omnitracs family. Through the combination of Omnitracs and Shaw Tracking, Canadian fleet customers will have access to the comprehensive Omnitracs product and service portfolio.

Here are some frequently asked questions about what this means for customers:

Q: Who is Omnitracs?

A: Omnitracs is a global pioneer of fleet management, routing, and predictive analytics solutions for more than 12,000 private and for-hire fleet customers in over 70 countries.

Shaw Tracking customers might be more familiar with Omnitracs’ beginnings over 25 years ago as part of Qualcomm. While many of the Qualcomm-era units are still in use today, many newer applications and product enhancements were brought in after Omnitracs spun out of Qualcomm a few years back.

Q: How do Shaw Tracking and Omnitracs fit together?

A: Shaw Tracking has been the exclusive Canadian distributor of Omnitracs fleet management solutions for over 25 years, helping to increase efficiency and reliability for customers. Shaw Tracking will be integrated into the Omnitracs solution portfolio, further expanding Omnitracs’ customer base and reach into Canada.

Q: Why did the acquisition take place?

A: The combined organization will offer Canadian transportation companies unparalleled expertise in fleet management solutions, while further preparing Canadian carriers for coming transportation regulations such as the Canadian ELD Mandate. Customers will benefit from direct access to Omnitracs’ products while operating cross-border trade routes, utilizing notable customer support centers in both countries.

Through this acquisition, Omnitracs will be ready to further assist the Canadian market and support fleet owners with the entire portfolio of platforms and applications.  The combined organization will have more knowledge and resources to help overcome management and operational obstacles throughout an entire load lifecycle.

Q: Does Omnitracs have an office in Canada?

A: Yes. Omnitracs has an office in Oakville, ON as well as in Windsor, ON.

Q: Will the pricing change for current Shaw Tracking product offerings?

A: Omnitracs today has different price options for US-based customers, Canadian customers renewing agreements will have access to these packages. 

Q: Do I still have the same account manager and customer service rep?

A: Yes. The sales account managers and support teams have transitioned to Omnitracs. The plan is to continue to build on this solid foundation and add key positons.

Q: Will the customer portal and 800 number change?

A: Both numbers will remain the same and be supported by the Omnitracs organization. Please call the main support line if you have any questions.

Support: 800-863-9191 or TX DID: (469) 801-2598

Sales and Marketing: 800-478-9511 or TX DID: (469) 801-2599

Q: How will this affect renewals, invoicing, and billing as an existing Shaw Tracking customer?

A: Invoicing for current customers will remain unchanged, however all invoices will be received from Omnitracs.

Q: What new product and services will I have access to as an Omnitracs customer?

A: All existing Omnitracs US-based services will be made available to Canadian customers.

Q: What does the Omnitracs product roadmap look like for the Canadian market going forward?

A: To learn more details about the product roadmap contact your account manager.

Q: Will Omnitracs support both English and French speaking customers in Canada?

A: Yes. Omnitracs will continue to support the French language and build upon opportunities to do so in this area.