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Omnitracs: Bringing trusted technology and industry experience together since 1988


The start of something big

Omnitracs was formed as a division of pioneering telecommunications company Qualcomm, with the vision of bettering communications for fleets.

Omnitracs developed satellite-based communications technologies that spring-boarded mobile communications into the digital era while giving transportation companies the ability to track assets and communicate with drivers in near real-time.

As a growing range of trucking companies utilized the solution, Omnitracs expanded its vision to include cross-channel communications and other robust solutions for the transportation industry. In that spirit, FleetRisk Advisors, Sylectus, Shaw Trucking, and Nacional de Radiodeterminación joined the Omnitracs family, and brought with them a wealth of knowledgeable experience in business intelligence, fleet management, and communications from across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Venturing out

In 2013, Omnitracs moved from Qualcomm to form a separate entity. Amid this transition, Maryland-based Roadnet Technologies and Minnesota-based XRS Corporation joined Omnitracs to give fleets of all sizes access to route planning, last-mile delivery, and cellular-based mobile devices.

With the addition of Blue Dot Solutions — a leading provider in driver and mobile workflow technologies — in 2019, Omnitracs ranks as the industry’s largest and most comprehensive provider of fleet management technology.

Driving forward

In just three decades, Omnitracs has expanded its vision and teams to provide fleet solutions to transportation companies in over 70 countries. Today, we are harnessing the potential of cloud development to amplify the benefits provided by Omnitracs products.