Business Intelligence and Analytics

Tools providing constant, actionable data to improve your business

Information Whenever and However You Need it

When using Omnitracs solutions, you are continuously collecting data from vehicles and drivers. But, these data points are not impactful unless you have a way to quickly and accurately portray them.

Our Reporting and Analytics tools allow fleet managers to get an exact view of all events happening across an entire fleet as well as each individual vehicle. Not only are users of these products able to obtain this valuable information, but they are able to do so in mere minutes.

Reporting and Analytics Benefits

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View Data at a Glance

Easily view fleet data through detailed reports, KPIs, and customizable dashboards.

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Uncover productivity patterns — good or bad — that can lead to future success.

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Reduce Costs

Effectively identify opportunities to save time and money.

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Educate Drivers

Create training programs for your workers to improve any desired areas.

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Improve Decision-Making

Make timely and informed decisions regarding critical operational, safety, and business issues.

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Increase Fleet Safety

Gather and organize driver and vehicle data to determine risky behaviors.

Prioritizing Fleet Safety

The safety of your drivers as well as others on the road is one of the most important factors of running a successful fleet. Fortunately, Omnitracs has various reports built into its applications to ensure your drivers and vehicles are operating in top form.

Whether its driver or vehicle Performance Monitoring to help prevent accidents or reporting on critical events (link to CER page) such as harsh braking or rapid acceleration, Omnitracs has several different reporting models available to identify poor driver behavior before your company incurs massive costs due to accidents or other damages.

The maintenance of your vehicles can also be proactively managed through Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)  to prevent smaller issues from progressing and causing accidents.



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The day-to-day costs of running a fleet are not going away anytime soon. In fact, as in the case of fuel, they are often increasing year over year. Additionally, driving habits such as excessive idling and going off-route can add excessive, needless costs to your business’ bottom line. But what if you could find ways to lower these costs?

With Insight, Omnitracs’ business intelligence tool, you can sort, filter, group, and visualize all the specific information you need concerning your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly operations.

Insight allows you to view data from a corporate level as well as drill down to the business unit, region, or even the vehicle and driver to determine the root cause of increasing costs or unmet performance standards. You’ll also be able to create custom KPIs and dashboards with this data to share with the rest of your organization.

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Timing is crucial in the trucking industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to identify driver behavior changes signaling a potential burnout or accident ahead of time? Fleet managers need to be proactive when making important business decisions or they risk losing drivers, vehicles, and customers. 

With Omnitracs’ Predictive Analytics, managers are able to detect positive and negative trends that can affect your bottom line. Personalize your data to keep your drivers employed, productive, and safe — and make the best decisions for your fleet.

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