In-Cab Document Management

Mobile capture and printing solutions to easily transmit important files electronically from the field

Eliminate Driver Paper Trails and Ensure Accuracy

Today’s commercial drivers are expected to do more than ever before. In addition to getting to their destination safely, they are asked to perform customer service functions, manage loads and orders, and more. This creates a huge paper trail that’s prone to error and difficult to manage.

With Omnitracs’ document management solutions, your drivers no longer need to worry about manual paper processes. Convert pages digitally and immediately send to back-office personnel without losing a step.

In-Cab Document Management Benefits

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Flexible Solution Options

Choose from a variety of solutions designed to fit any industry or operational needs.

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Driver Accountability and Efficiency

Track arrival and departure times and gain real-time visibility of your drivers’ activity.

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Enhance Other Applications

Expand and increase your benefits by combining the solution with Driver Workflow or Integrated Dispatching.

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Simplified User Experience

Reduce your teams’ workload and improve driver satisfaction with easy-to-use solutions.

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Reduce Unnecessary Paperwork

Eliminate manual and error-prone paper processes and simplify the driver experience.

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Reduce Your Billing Cycle

Avoid waiting for paper files and reduce turnaround times for customer invoices.

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Manage important paperwork quickly with Omnitracs’ flexible document capture and printing solutions designed specifically for your needs. Print and send files directly to your back office without ever leaving the vehicle and avoid unnecessary stops and printing fees along the way. 

In-Cab Printing: Quickly and confidently print important customer or compliance documents. Simply plug a third-party printer of your choice into your Omnitracs dedicated device using a convenient USB connection.

Document Capture: Scan and transmit important documents without ever leaving the vehicle to simplify your driver and office workload, increase accuracy, and reduce the turnaround time on customer invoices. Capture images using a mobile device or pair your Omnitracs dedicated hardware with an approved third-party scanner to create the full mobile office experience.

Manage Driver Documents with Electronic Proof of Delivery

Route plans requiring drivers to make multiple stops per day can quickly cause paperwork to pile up. Accurate incoming and outgoing inventory counts, delivery paperwork and invoices, and customer signatures on orders are all pieces of documentation vital to driver activity and success. Effectively managing this information requires going beyond simple printing and scanning.

With Omnitracs Proof of Delivery, drivers can manage all of their document-related tasks from a convenient mobile device. Manage inventories, create digital forms, capture signatures, and send seamlessly to your existing Omnitracs and back-office tools.

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