Commercial Vehicle Navigation

Turn-by-turn driver navigation solutions built specifically for commercial fleets

Driver Navigation You Can Trust

Most fleet managers will tell you that free navigation solutions built for commuters just don’t cut it. Regular drivers don’t have to worry about low bridges, truck speed limits, or road-use restrictions, but these are all part of a commercial driver’s everyday life. Commercial fleets need a navigation solution that understands their needs to improve route efficiency and, more importantly, get their drivers where they need to go safely and on time, every time.

Benefits of Navigation

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Improve Driver Safety

Keep your drivers focused on the road and avoid risk from road and vehicle restrictions.

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Eliminate Delays

Get notified of potential issues earlier and avoid unnecessary delays.

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Increase Route Efficiency

Choose the right route based on fuel economy, time, or distance traveled.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide more accurate ETAs and get better route visibility during the day.

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Monitor Driver Performance

Tools to help you quickly see which drivers are sticking to the plan and which ones aren’t.

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Flexible Solution Options

Choose from three different navigation solutions to fit your needs.

Omnitracs Navigation

Omnitracs combined over 30 years of routing software experience with the largest transportation database to provide the most reliable and efficient navigation solution on the market. Perfect for long-distance driving or final mile delivery, Omnitracs Navigation helps fleets save money and time while keeping drivers focused and safe out on the road. Eliminate wasted miles and driver stress with Omnitracs Navigation.

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ALK Co-Pilot® Truck

Omnitracs integrates with a highly customizable, onboard navigation application that provides reliable, detailed ALK Digital Maps™ enhanced with industry standard PC*MILER truck-specific attributes, featuring a large selection of truck-specific Points of Interest (POIs) stored directly on the Omnitracs Enterprise Services Platform. This driver-centric solution offers an intuitive in-cab user interface with extensive customization options. Experience what CoPilot® Truck™ can do for your fleet. 

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Telogis NaviGo

NaviGo is a near real-time, hybrid, in-cab navigation application that provides accurate interactive maps, dynamic truck routing, and over-the-air software updates. Increased routing efficiency and improved driver satisfaction are among the benefits that NaviGo™, powered by Omnitracs partner Telogis®, can provide your fleet. 

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