Critical Event Reporting

Continuously monitor vehicles for safety-related events

Reduce Unsafe Driving Behavior and Prevent Accidents Before They Occur

Improve driver behavior and maximize operational efficiency by reducing hazardous incidents, including:

  • Hard braking
  • Lane departures
  • Forward collisions
  • Over speeding


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Partner Integrations

Gain enhanced visibility, such as accident severity indicators and additional event data points through essential advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) partners.

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Real-Time Alerts

Receive near-instant critical event alerts and correct risky driving behavior almost immediately to prevent accidents from occurring.

Improve Fleet Safety

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Recognize Speeding to Reduce Accidents

Speeding has quickly become the riskiest driving behavior — resulting in 23 percent of trucking accidents. Omnitracs’ Critical Event Reporting (CER) can help reduce speeding and aggressive driving by monitoring driving behavior and critical events in near real time. This application provides managers the opportunity to be proactive in training and coaching drivers based on actual need. By providing easy-to-read metrics on top- and low-performing drivers, you can reward and coach accordingly. CER’s Over Speed add-on allows fleet managers to set customized speed thresholds and monitor driver behavior to help prevent accidents and improve safety on the road.

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