Critical Event Video (CEV)

Forward facing and in-cab cameras to protect your fleet from litigation

Take the Guesswork out of Accident Reconstruction

Omnitracs’ Critical Event Video (CEV) helps determine who is truly responsible for an accident. With the blame historically falling on truck drivers, CEV offers a guaranteed witness to the accident, saving your business valuable time, money, and credibility.

Omnitracs’ CEV provides first-hand visibility into risky driving behavior leading up to an accident and allows you to exonerate innocent drivers in court and speed up the process for those at fault. With the available resources, CEV allows you to have the necessary conversations with at-risk drivers before an accident occurs.

Improve the safety and security of your fleet, reduce costs associated with potential litigation and future incidents, and enforce and increase driver accountability with CEV.

Benefits of CEV

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Real-Time Visibility

With CEV there is no delay — see the events of an incident almost instantly.

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Immediately Review Events

Request videos from a certain time and review incidents instantly — no need to wait for drivers to return to the terminal.

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Fully Integrated

Leverage Critical Event Reporting to configure which events trigger video for greater insight.

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Ensure Accuracy

CEV data cannot be removed, so drivers can’t walk off with or delete incriminating evidence.

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Accident Prevention

Monitor and correct risky driving behaviors to reduce potential accidents.

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Lower Liability

Reduce litigation costs and prove your drivers’ innocence in court by showing the events captured by the CEV.

What Customers Have to Say

To those in the transportation industry, the fact that the vast majority of accidents involving large trucks are not caused by professional drivers is common knowledge. However, attorneys have a pattern of manipulating the emotions of the jury to blame truck drivers for the majority of accidents.

Omnitracs CEV provides a silent witness to any incident, potentially proving your drivers’ innocence and saving your company heavy litigation costs. Seventy-eight percent of customers reported reduced accident liability risk when using CEV.

CEV also notifies you instantly, sending email alerts of critical events with video evidence. Defend your fleet from a time-consuming legal battle along with costly litigation fees with a silent, guaranteed witness.

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