Omnitracs Per Diem Manager

Automated substantiated solution to maximize driver compensation

Find and Retain More Satisfied Drivers Without Draining the Bank

The driver shortage has made it necessary to compete for drivers by offering increased wages and benefits. As a result, labor has surpassed fuel as the trucking industry’s highest cost. This significantly impacts the trucking industry’s already diminished profit margin.

With Omnitracs Per Diem Manager provided by Atlantic HR Solutions, you can recruit and retain drivers by increasing their take-home pay while saving in taxes, operating more efficiently, and ensuring compliance.

Benefits of Omnitracs Per Diem Manager

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Drivers Take Home More

Drivers receive their pay in full – no wages are lost to taxes.   

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Fleets Pay Less in Taxes

Fleets avoid paying taxes on driver wages when provided as daily per diem.

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The Competitive Edge

As of 2018, drivers can no longer claim their own daily per diem. Fleets must provide it.

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Easily substantiate daily per diem to avoid possible costly difficulties with the IRS.   

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An Expert Guide

Atlantic HR Solutions makes implementing per diem easy by offering consulting services, training, and support.   

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Recruit and Retain Drivers

Attract new drivers and keep your existing drivers around with higher pay.

Reward Drivers for a Job Well Done

Attracting younger workers is a main point of difficulty for the trucking industry due to lifestyle — many millennials are simply unwilling to spend long stretches away from home on the open road — and, mainly, lower-than-average pay.  

One way fleets can offset this salary gap is by offering non-taxable income. Omnitracs Per Diem Manager allows fleets to compensate their drivers fairly, keeping them satisfied.  

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