Driver and Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Tracks vehicle and driver performance via vehicle’s direct interface

Quickly Identify and Correct the Behaviors that Affect Fuel Consumption

Performance Monitoring tracks critical driver and vehicle behaviors that affect fuel consumption, providing fleet managers and owners actionable insights into their vehicles. Performance Monitoring arms fleets with detailed information to make better and timelier business decisions. Fleets report as much as a 12 percent increase in miles per gallon in the first year using Performance Monitoring.

Benefits of Performance Monitoring

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Lower Fuel Consumption

Lowers fuel consumption by helping your fleet identify trends that contribute to excess fuel use.

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Use Performance Data to Coach and Reward Drivers

Enables fleets to highlight good and poor performance based on levels you define.

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Identify Critical Performance Issues Quickly

Quickly identifies which fuel-related performance issues are impacting your business with an intuitive user interface.

Fuel Monitoring You Can Trust

Exact Fuel captures fuel level information and transmits it directly to your fleet managers to quickly identify discrepancies in fuel levels. By providing this enhanced fuel level visibility, Exact Fuel allows fleets to monitor fuel levels, identify potential fuel theft or loss, and improve fuel stop planning —significantly helping fleets minimize fuel costs.

Tractors hold hundreds of gallons of fuel; without Exact Fuel, it can be challenging for fleets to detect fuel loss. Many fleets believe they are experiencing from one to four percent shrinkage. At one percent, the fleet could experience up to a $55 per month loss per driver.

Simple and Effective Driver Performance Monitoring Tools

Fleets constantly look for ways to get the most out of their drivers, trucks, and overall operation. Driver Performance Reporting gives fleet managers detailed insight into their most important asset — their drivers. Dashboards and high-level reports display driver, vehicle, and organizational metrics for miles per gallon, idling, fuel usage, and speeding.

Driver Performance Reporting also quickly identifies the top, and bottom, drivers by each performance metric, giving fleets a quick method of where to incentivize the best — and coach the rest. Dashboard views present high-level data but allow for drilldown to get to the actionable information that drives results.

Manage Maintenance Better with Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Omnitracs’ Vehicle Performance Monitoring application provides reporting that enables fleet managers to understand how their assets behave in the field. Performance data is accessible through on-screen display, exportable to a number of formats, and it allows fleets to even drill down to data at the individual vehicle level.

Fleet managers can save fuel and fuel costs by finding vehicles that need maintenance as well as identify vehicles that are underutilized to add drivers or routes to their schedules. Vehicles with critical fault codes are also quickly found so that they can be fixed before on the road breakdowns.

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