Fleet GPS Monitoring Solutions

Live GPS tracking providing real-time fleet insights

Know Where and How Your Fleet is Performing

When a GPS tracking solution is added to your mobile assets, its real-time location data is recorded and sent to a web-based application where fleet managers and business owners can quickly view the location of any truck, tractor, trailer, or worker. With Omnitracs’ Fleet GPS Tracking solution, you can monitor your daily operations and receive objective feedback on whether or not they are going as planned.

Fleet GPS Monitoring Benefits

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Improve Productivity

Minimize risky driver behavior such as speeding and going off-route.

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Reduce Costs

Help prevent unnecessary fuel usage activities such as idling and personal use.

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Improve Customer Service

Know exactly where a driver is when a customer calls.

Monitor Driver Behavior and Vehicle Health with Telematics

Omnitracs’ Fleet Telematics solution is an easy-to-install vehicle monitoring system that goes beyond simple GPS tracking, combining location monitoring, engine diagnostics, easy-to-use mapping, and reporting software. 

With Fleet Telematics, you can also track certain driver behaviors such as idling, speeding, and after-hours use — improving the overall productivity and efficiency of your fleet.

Omnitracs also offers a GPS Fleet Tracking solution focused on monitoring drivers through their mobile devices. Fleet Tracking allows you to proactively manage by exception through automated alerts. Managers will be able to know whether a worker has been stationary too long, speeding, or off-route — and leverage this data to improve productivity.

What Exactly is Telematics?

The word ‘telematics’ is simply a combination of telecommunications and informatics. However, when most people in the transportation industry refer to telematics, they really mean vehicle telematics — and not all telematics solutions are created equal. They differ in the types of information gathered and techniques used to analyze data.

A telematics solution can be as simple as GPS tracking to know the location of your vehicles and workers or it can be more advanced, providing information including engine diagnostics, driver behaviors, and power take off (PTO) data. When used properly, telematics can offer incredible insight into possible improvements to your business.

Increase Security and Utilization with Trailer Tracking

In addition to tracking trucks and drivers, Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking offers a GPS-based solution to gain visibility into the locations of trailers. The software helps prevent certain issues facing the industry such as trailer under-utilization, loss of trailers and cargo, and wasted time and fuel searching for missing trailers.

Complete with easy peel-and-stick installation, Trailer Tracking helps keep trailers on the road and ensures that all active trailers are matched correctly to their loads to maximize operational efficiency and profitability. You will also be able to support proper maintenance schedules for trailers through accurate mileage tracking.

Learn more about Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking solution.  

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