Automated IFTA Reporting

Easy International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting

Save time, prevent audits, and lighten the workload of your drivers

IFTA was created to simplify the fuel tax reporting system and eliminate the need for separate permits. Complying with IFTA credentials is an extensive, time-consuming chore for many fleets with a high risk of fines and penalties.

Omnitracs’ automated IFTA reporting process allows you to avoid facing costly audits and profit jeopardization. With it, IVMR is created automatically and recorded by the onboard recording device. The solution collects odometer data from GPS and through the vehicle ECM for even greater reliability and accuracy.

Benefits of Automated IFTA Reporting

paper report with a bar chart and a paragraph

Minimize Audit Exposure

Reduce audit risk and provide electronic backup of all records in the event of an audit.

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Minimize Driver Burden

Minimize manual form submissions and eliminate drivers manually filling out paper trip reports.

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Reduce Manual Tracking

Automate state-by-state mileage tracking and jurisdiction reporting to simplify collecting state mileage crossing.

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