Business intelligence tool for your fleet’s continued improvements

Omnitracs Roadnet Insight is a cloud-based business analytics tool that transforms transportation data into meaningful views of fleet performance. Insight provides historical and current views of the business, so managers can see the big picture on trends and drill down to root causes. Best of all, that information is available anywhere, any time via desktop or tablet. Insight offers the ability to capture and analyze pinpoint data to understand trends concerning your drivers, vehicles, routes, and operational processes and make better business decisions.

Benefits of Insight

green and orange pie chart with lines around the outside

Connect Your Chaos

View the connections and understand the relationships between your fleet’s moving parts.

bar chart with three bars trending up and to the right next to an arrow pointing up

Improve Performance

Get even more value from the fleet routing and management system data you depend on every day.

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Turn Data into Action

Get started today by turning raw transportation data into actionable insight.

View and Compare Detailed Fleet Data at a Glance

compilation of charts and graphs from a roadnet insight dashboard

Insight’s dashboard allows you to see a variety of metrics for your business on one central screen, making it easier to view and compare data across your fleet to identify and extrapolate important correlations that can potentially improve business operations. Within minutes, you can have a customized, yet easily modified, glimpse into any problem areas that could be affecting your bottom line so you can make the proper adjustments.

In addition to high-level fleet data, you also can view and compare the individual performances of drivers and vehicles in your fleet. These insights can open up coaching opportunities to increase overall fleet efficiency and improve customer service.

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