Integrated Dispatching

Solution to ensure driver and back office employee synchronization throughout the day

Delivery Execution in Real Time

Know how your route plan is being executed with real-time visibility, see where your drivers are without calling them, and receive notifications when your drivers make unplanned stops or travel off-route.

Omnitracs Dispatch allows fleet managers to see routes in real time with GPS tracking, react with exception management, and confirm that the fleet’s plan is the reality.

Benefits of Dispatch

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Real-Time Route Execution

Confirm customer arrival, departure times, service times, and proof of delivery tasks.

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Proactive Customer Service

Effectively manage customer service inquiries with continuously updated arrival and departure information.

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Increase Resource Utilization

Ensure drivers follow the most cost-effective routes with GPS tracking, maximizing time, mileage, and fuel.

Watch Your Routing Plan Come to Life

With the combination of Omnitracs Daily Route Planning and Dispatch, you will have the best of both worlds. Efficient routes coupled with real-time visibility ensure that your customers’ deliveries will be on time and on task.

Omnitracs Dispatch’s easy-to-use interface allows you to guide drivers throughout the day even when the set plan changes as the day progresses.

Combining both products also gives you the opportunity to view planned vs. actual data so that you pinpoint where improvements need to be made as you grow your business.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

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As your drivers are making multiple stops throughout the day, it’s helpful for the back office to have insight into how deliveries are being executed from a paperwork standpoint. Historically, dispatchers would often have to wait until the end of the day to receive information such as quantities delivered and customer signatures. This process can be very inefficient and can create mountains of unnecessary paperwork.

With Omnitracs Proof of Delivery (POD), your drivers are able to manage all of their document-related tasks electronically from a convenient mobile device. Manage inventories, create digital forms, capture signatures, and send seamlessly to your existing Omnitracs and other back office tools.

Quickly View Worker and Equipment Location and Performance – Any Time, From Anywhere

Not every fleet manager spends all their time behind a desk. In today’s mobile world, vital information also needs to be accessible on the go. With Omnitracs Mobile Manager, managers can see how their mobile assets are performing from their smartphone or tablet — and make actionable fleet decisions from anywhere.

With Omnitracs Mobile Manager, you can:

  • Locate individual workers in near-real time through data
  • Identify undesirable driver behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, or spending too much time at a stop
  • Monitor route status and see when a worker is traveling, idling, or stopped
  • Collect the data you need by setting filters from a list of exceptions that are specific to your business model

Download Roadnet Mobile Manager in the Google Play or Apple Store today.

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