Integrated Telematics

Seamless, cloud-based solution to provide real-time insight into vehicle location and driver behavior

Building Partnerships for Mutual Success

Developing strong, beneficial partnerships with those we serve and other industry leaders is not only a desire but crucial for future success. At Omnitracs, we strive to strengthen both. 

Omnitracs currently offers Integrated Telematics for Mack® Trucks and Volvo, and are actively building relationships with other manufacturers to meet the needs of growing fleets or those who just need a more efficient way of capturing data and analytics.  

Omnitracs Integrated Telematics provides real-time GPS and driver performance data, increasing visibility into asset location, driver behavior, traffic conditions — all while reducing costs.

Benefits of Integrated Telematics

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Experience seamless OEM telematics integration — no third-party hardware to purchase or costly installations to coordinate.

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Data Capture and Analysis

Monitor driver performance as well as current and past GPS information to hold drivers accountable and increase safety.

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Track Speed and Idling Duration

Reduce the number of accident and save by avoiding costly repair and legal expenses.

Integrated Telematics for Mack® Trucks


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Omnitracs Integrated Telematics seamlessly merges with Mack® Trucks’ original hardware, eliminating the need to add to or modify existing equipment. Fleets are granted real-time insight to better monitor assets and driver behavior and promote safety. Omnitracs Integrated Telematics is available for all new Mack® Trucks and can be retrofitted to any older truck furnished with telematics hardware. As strategic partners, Omnitracs and Mack® Trucks look forward to developing other web-based solutions to serve mutual customers.
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Integrated Telematics for Volvo Trucks

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Omnitracs and Volvo Trucks have partnered to offer increased visibility into where vehicles are and how they are being driven to spot trends and manage drivers. Integrated Telematics for Volvo Trucks is an option on every new Volvo Truck and can be retrofitted on older trucks equipped with telematics hardware. Integrated Telematics for Volvo trucks is a web-based solution that can help Volvo customers gain valuable insight into driver behavior and asset location. 

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