MilesAhead Resolve

An industry-first workflow for the back-office that simplifies the daily routine, improves performance and helps deliver consistent results

screenshot of the resolve product interface

All-New Workflow for Office Teams

Driver managers and back-office teams have their hands full trying to keep loads running on time and drivers happy.  With so much information to juggle, it’s no wonder costly problems and incidents slip through the cracks. MilesAhead Resolve uses machine learning and predictive analytics to identify problematic incidents in advance of them becoming costly problems – then takes corrective action by applying predictive standard operating fixes to ensure problems are identified, addressed and resolved before they become larger issues.

MilesAhead Resolve Benefits

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Save Time Searching

Machine-learning analysis that delivers accurate and timely alerts and notifications to save you time and effort

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Streamline Communications

Standardize and automate how your team responds to issues to create consistent results across the organization

application icon for driver performance reporting

Improve Office Performance

Use gamified performance monitoring and management tools to improve the visibility and productivity of your office teams

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