Omnitracs Driver Workflow

Simple and synchronized driver, office, and customer communication tool

Stress-Free Back-Office and Field Communication

Effective communication is the trademark of a high-performing fleet. However, as any fleet manager or dispatcher will tell you, keeping everyone in the office and the field on the same page can be a challenge. To manage this manually, constant, time-consuming calls to and from the field would be required — which is highly error-prone.

Omnitracs’ Driver Workflow simplifies the process, making it dramatically easier to effectively coordinate drivers and staff. With this solution, fleets improve communication by automatically sending and receiving updates from existing in-cab hardware. Send important messages and detailed step-by-step instructions to your teams and monitor progress remotely without ever picking up the phone. Eliminate time-consuming errors, enhance customer service, and increase driver satisfaction with one simple and powerful solution.

Driver Workflow Benefits

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Fast Coordination

Stay updated at all times with enhanced, automated two-way field communication.

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Fully Customizable

Use pre-built instructions or build your own with custom workflow creation.

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Customer Satisfaction

Provide customer-specific instructions while reducing error and paperwork turnaround times.

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Improved Accuracy

Electronically send critical details and receive important updates and documentation from the field.

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Driver Satisfaction

Keep your drivers focused, happy, and productive by simplifying their workload.

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Flexible Solutions

Seamlessly integrate software with dozens of Omnitracs and other third-party applications.

Maximize Productivity and Satisfaction with Driver Workflow

Driver Workflow integrates with dispatch systems to create streamlined and automated driver–dispatcher communication. Our technology integrates with truck dispatch software to deliver the right information to the right driver at the right time. The result? Improved driver communication and a more efficient driver–dispatcher relationship.

Our technology works to protect the safety and security of your drivers, while simultaneously boosting productivity. In order to combat distracted driving, this fleet communication system incorporates an easy-to-use text-to-speech function, keeping your drivers' eyes on the road.

Automated and pre-populated forms ensure that drivers complete required documents as soon as they are needed. Status updates and trip information can also be transmitted between dispatch and drivers more easily with our two-way messaging system.

Through automated driver messaging and seamless integration with fleet dispatch software, Driver Workflow helps lower operational costs and reduce manual error. On-time fulfillment is improved by automating load assignments, work process forms, and other required tasks.


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Manage important paperwork with fast and flexible document capture and printing solutions designed specifically for commercial fleets. 

Pair your existing in-cab hardware with an approved printer or scanner to send and print important documents conveniently from the vehicle. Eliminate unnecessary stops, lost paperwork, and hassle for drivers with reliable in-cab document management.

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Reduce Billing Cycles with Proof of Delivery

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Keeping accurate incoming and outgoing inventory counts, managing delivery paperwork and invoices, and getting customer signatures on orders are all critical to a driver’s day-to-day activities. Effectively managing this information requires going beyond simple printing and scanning. 

With Omnitracs Proof of Delivery (POD), your drivers are able to manage all of their document-related tasks from a convenient mobile device. Manage inventories, create digital forms, capture signatures, and send seamlessly to your existing Omnitracs and other back-office tools.

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