Omnitracs Exact Fuel

Get the data you need to stay on top of fuel levels and costs with Exact Fuel.

Exact Fuel captures fuel level information and transmits it directly to your fleet managers to quickly identify discrepancies in fuel levels. By providing this enhanced fuel level visibility, Exact Fuel allows fleets to monitor fuel levels, identify potential fuel theft or loss, and improve fuel stop planning — all of which significantly helps fleets minimize fuel costs.


Regular Visibility into Fuel Levels

By providing better visibility into your fleet’s fuel levels, Exact Fuel allows you to quickly identify patterns in your fuel consumption. Analysis from Exact Fuel can help you develop strategies to immediately improve your fleet’s fuel optimization

Reduced Fuel Theft and Shrinkage

By providing timely fuel level data, Exact Fuel quickly identifies fuel discrepancies and helps reduce operational costs. Tractors hold hundreds of gallons of fuel; without Exact Fuel, it can be challenging for fleets to detect fuel loss. Many fleets believe they are experiencing from one to four percent shrinkage. At one percent, the fleet could experience up to a $55 per month loss per driver.

Reduced Fuel Expenses

By identifying and better managing fuel discrepancies with Exact Fuel, fleets can lower one of its top expenses.

Improved Efficiency and Better Route Planning

Exact Fuel enables fleets to use timely fuel level information to more efficiently plan fuel stops. Given the variation in fuel prices and fuel tax implications across state boundaries, timely visibility into fuel consumption can help fleets arrive at the best fuel stop decision.

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