Omnitracs Fault Monitoring

Reduce maintenance costs and increase workflow efficiency with Omnitracs’ Fault Monitoring.

Fleet maintenance costs are a major concern for transportation companies today. Roadside assistance is expensive and planning preventive maintenance is not always easy to do. Omnitracs’ Fault Monitoring and Extended Fault Monitoring applications provide near real-time alerts for up to 35k common fault codes and includes important diagnostic information. These alerts enable fleets to proactively diagnose issues and take action to reduce fleet maintenance and repair costs.

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Reduce maintenance and repair costs through more proactive management of potential maintenance issues

Provides near real-time notification when faults are generated, which allows fleets to quickly and efficiently direct vehicles to optimal inspection and service locations.

Improve access to vehicle information with an intuitive web interface

Displays details on fleet and individual vehicles — anytime, anyplace — using an intuitive web interface and graphical tools.

Introducing Extended Faults, an add-on to Fault Monitoring, which enables integration with Cummins Connected Diagnostics™ Eaton IntelliConnect Remote Diagnostics™ and Navistar OnCommand Connection™ 

Omnitracs’ Fault Monitoring data can be easily integrated with Cummins’ Connected Diagnostics™ Eaton IntelliConnect Remote Diagnostics™, and Navistar’s OnCommand Connection™, applications to offer fleets additional expertise in identifying the most critical maintenance issues and providing action plans based on fault severity.

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