Omnitracs Truck Navigation Application

Responsive, up-to-date in-cab navigation.

Omnitracs Navigation is a responsive truck navigation app that provides best-in-class on-board navigation, customized maps, and high-speed software updates. We also update our information on a quarterly basis, rather than the market standard of once per year. This ensures that your trucks' routes are developed based on the most recent information. You'll enjoy improved productivity and substantial cost savings, while your drivers can rest assured that they know exactly what lies ahead.

These quarterly updates are completed over-the-air, so your fleet won't have to stop operations (and lose revenue) due to application maintenance.

Drivers have the opportunity to further enhance efficiency by sharing what they encounter on the road, such as speed limit changes and points of interest. This feedback is uploaded to our database of more than one billion data points and shared with all Omnitracs Navigation users every day. With our commercial GPS navigation, your fleet will always have access to the most up-to-date information.

The fleet navigation software offers an intuitive, easy-to-read user interface with visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions as well as real-time speed alerts. As a result, drivers can be more efficient and improve safety by keeping their eyes on the road.

Our truck navigation system is customizable to address your fleet's specific pain points. We'll work with you to ensure that your drivers have access to the features they need most. We also offer training to help your employees understand the technology and feel comfortable using it, so your investment will be leveraged correctly.

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Benefits of Omnitracs Truck Navigation Application

Reduce costs

Quarterly over-the-air system updates allow your fleet to stay on the road while your drivers receive the most accurate mapping information. More accurate data translates into fewer delays for your drivers and a higher rate of on-time deliveries.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Omnitracs Navigation database resides within the in-cabin unit and not at a remote server. That translates into faster response for your driver, especially during re-route calculations.

Improve Driver’s Experience

Omnitracs’ database includes over 250,000 truck drivers and over one billion data points, giving you the most accurate and up-to-date mapping information in the industry. The application offers both visual and spoken turn-by-turn directions, and customized Points of Interest (POIs). POIs include truck stops, truck services, restaurants, fuel stations, and many more.

Enhance Driver Safety

Our application is optimized for your driver and fleet. Your designed route automatically avoids truck-restricted roads, with considerations for low clearances, truck size, and other restrictions. Omnitracs Navigation utilizes historical traffic conditions to provide the best available route. Real-time speed alerts are clearly displayed on your in-cabin unit.

Over the Air Updates

Seamlessly provides over-the-air software and data updates with Omnitracs’ industry leading database, featuring over 250,000 drivers and billions of data points.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly, optimized navigation for trucks.

Turn-by-Turn Directions

Provides turn-by-turn directions, using top commercial GPS navigation technology, such as text-to-speech, user-focused displays and voice prompting.

Drivers’ Community

Access to an extensive community where your drivers can provide feedback on anything they encounter, including new information on roads, POIs and speed limits. This information is then shared with all of our truck navigation app users.


Offers robust individual fleet customization (fleet specific POIs, pickup/delivery locations, gas stations, truck route generation preferences, etc.).


Fully integrates with Omnitracs Enterprise Services suite of applications. Easily integrates with custom dispatch systems and third party applications such as TMW and McLeod.

Proven in the Field

Field tested by some of the largest fleets in the country.

Planned vs Actual Routes

Alerts and reports on Planned vs. Actual routing.

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