Omnitracs Navigation

Responsive, accurate, and efficient in-cab commercial vehicle navigation application

Let Us Show You the Way

Whether your drivers are traveling long distances or just a few blocks away, they need a solution that will get them there safely and on time — every time.

Improve efficiency, safety, and driver satisfaction with Omnitracs Navigation — the only solution built from over 30 years of route planning software experience. Our solution leverages that data collected from over 1.2 million Omnitracs-enabled vehicles to deliver the most accurate route data in a driver-friendly, in-cab experience.

Eliminate extra miles, improve efficiency, and keep your drivers safe and focused with Omnitracs Navigation.

Benefits of Navigation

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Guaranteed Accuracy

Reduce the amount of surprises for your driver on the road with regular over-the-air updates.

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Driver Community

Increase driver safety by connecting and sharing route feedback with other drivers on the road in real time.

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Increase Route Efficiency

Ensure you are choosing the optimal route based on fuel economy, time, or distance traveled.

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Adapt to Fit Your Needs

Customize locations and route preferences and integrate with other Omnitracs or third-party solutions.

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Enhance Driver Experience

Keep your drivers safe, focused, and happy by reducing stress on the road.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Cut down on delivery times and provide more accurate ETAs to your customers.

Built for Fleets, Designed for Drivers

When it comes to navigation, it’s important that your drivers have reliable route information in an intuitive driver experience. Omnitracs Navigation was created to help fleets save money and time — but it was designed with the real-world challenges of everyday driving in mind.

Compliance requirements, congested roadways, and customer complications can be obstacles to keeping your drivers focused, safe, and efficient. But, with a navigation solution that’s both easy-to-use and effective, you can reduce driver stress while still saving money and time at each turn.

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