Omnitracs Recruiting Model

Learn From Your Best Drivers When Looking For New Ones

Within any fleet, some drivers are long term, productive employees and others are gone before HR has finalized the paperwork.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Predictive analytics can take your fleet’s pre-existing data and develop a model that provides insight into the attributes that make drivers successful. When evaluating a specific applicant, this model can be applied to show the likelihood of success before you hire and invest in them. 

Recruiting Predictors

Omnitracs Analytics analyzes thousands of data points available from the current driver workforce to predict which applicants will be successful.

Pick the right guy

Hire Intelligently

To gain a competitive edge in the current driver shortage, having the necessary information to hire intelligently is critical — let your less-informed competitors hire the rest.

5000 turnover

Personalizing Big Data

Omnitracs Analytics enables this insight by taking the “big data” aggregated from your current workforce and comparing it to the “small data” available during the application process to look for patterns that indicate which applicants have the highest probability of being productive, safe, and achieving tenure.

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