Omnitracs Roadnet Dispatch + Proof of Delivery Software

Delivery Execution in Real Time

You’ve carefully crafted an optimized route plan, but what good is a great plan without successful execution? With Roadnet Dispatch + Proof of Delivery software, you can get real-time visibility into your delivery day, including proof of delivery, so you can be sure that your fleet is operating according to plan.

With our electronic proof of delivery software, you can conveniently and effectively keep track of your fleet operations. Omnitracs MobileCast technology works hand-in-hand with wireless voice and data networks as well as GPS for real-time comparison of actual events to plans.

Omnitracs Roadnet Dispatch + Proof of Delivery allows you to:

  • See where your drivers are without calling them.
  • Receive notifications when your drivers make unplanned stops or travel off route.
  • View routes in real time with GPS tracking, manage by exceptions, and ensure that the fleet's plan is being followed.
  • Know where remote employees are, when they will make deliveries or service calls, and if there are any changes to the day's agenda.

Our transportation dispatch software enables fleet managers to get the information they need to keep fleets on track and generate revenue.

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Roadnet Mobile Application

The flexible MobileCast proof of delivery app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to access your fleet data from a smartphone, tablet, heavy-duty handheld, or basic phone. It is available on Android, Apple, Windows, and Java devices.

The configurable Proof of Delivery (POD) and tracking application allows fleet managers to guide drivers through their day. The app simplifies managing tasks such as collecting signatures, recording accurate quantities delivered and picked up, carrying out customized workflow activities, and more.

Roadnet MobileCast also includes messaging and offers a clear snapshot of delivery tasks all with voice navigation following the planned route. This functionality, combined with GPS driver location tracking, provides the critical information needed to run your business successfully.


Real-Time Route Execution

Confirm that routes are being executed properly with actual vs. planned data, customer arrival and departure times, and proof of delivery tasks, including quantities delivered, signature capture, and pictures.

Same Day Dynamic Plan Updates

Customer needs are constantly changing and MobileCast adapts to meet those needs. Managers or approved-drivers can easily modify the day’s plan as changes occur.

Increase Resource Utilization

Make better use of existing resources by making more effective deliveries while driving less. GPS tracking ensures drivers follow the most cost-effective routes, which optimize travel times, mileage, and fuel.

Manage by Exception

View a driver's location and receive automatic notification of any unplanned stops, route path deviations, canceled stops, or missed time windows.

Proactive Customer Service

Be alerted to potential service issues before they happen. Management and customer service staff receive continuously updated arrival and departure information at their desks or on the go.

Automatic Integration and Continual Optimization

Data collected in the field through MobileCast automatically integrates into the planning system to adjust and refine future strategies.

Geocoding on the Fly

Accurately capture start and end of service time with geocoded locations. Dispatch managers and drivers can adjust geocodes whenever needed, in the back-end or in the mobile app.

Real-Time Reporting

View on-screen or printed reports of actual vs. planned routes, exceptions, driver performance, and more. Easily compare goals to determine how well the organization is meeting key performance targets, even from a mobile device.


Customers enjoy reductions in miles driven — and improvements in customer service, on-time delivery, delivery accuracy, and driver productivity.


Customer Survey verified by TechValidate.

Prior to implementing the Roadnet Suite we were at roughly 6.50 miles per stop, year to date 2014, we’re at 5.23 miles per stop which is a decrease of 22%.

Michael DeVoe
Executive VP of Operations, Paraco Gas

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