Omnitracs Routing + Dispatching + Compliance

Routing, Trip Management, and Compliance – A Single Solution

Omnitracs Routing, Dispatching, and Compliance (RDC) is an industry first, offering a combination of routing, trip management, and Hours of Service and DVIR compliance. These functions all run in a single application — one backend to view all data and on one mobile device for drivers. 


To remain profitable, it is necessary to find a balance between route efficiency and customer service. Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere® routing, a tactical daily routing tool, allows you to do just this. Optimize routes and balance profitability with customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, managers can create multiple intelligent route plans faster, maximizing the fleet investment.


The configurable Trip Management and Proof of Delivery (POD) application allows fleet managers to see routes in real time using GPS tracking, react with exception management, and confirm that the fleet’s plan is the reality. Knowing where employees are, when they will make deliveries or service calls, and changes to the day’s plans are critical to properly managing your transportation business. Dispatching works hand in hand with wireless voice and data networks and GPS for real-time tracking of actual vs. planned information, plus much more.

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or heavy-duty handheld, the flexible mobile application has an easy-to-use interface available on Android. The configurable Trip Management and Proof of Delivery (POD) application allows drivers to see their stops for the day, and complete tasks such as collecting signatures, recording accurate quantities are delivered and picked up, customizing workflow activities, messaging, and many more.


Omnitracs’ Hours of Service (HOS) application lets drivers focus on what’s important — driving safely and efficiently. Our driver hours of service tracking software replaces paper logs, streamlining the process and reducing inaccuracies. This fleet technology includes features designed to save time and money while maximizing performance. The Omnitracs hours of service app automates driver logs and helps ensure that your fleet fully complies with the latest FMCSA regulations.

Recording and storing driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) on paper costs fleets time and money. Omnitracs’ Vehicle Inspection Report application eliminates paper DVIRs and makes it easier for drivers to record pertinent inspection information. With DVIR, fleet managers and drivers can access stored reports at any time, and are alerted immediately to any DVIRs with unresolved defects.

IFTA Fuel Tax management also became easier with RDC. The system automatically tracks and logs the distance travelled by jurisdiction and allows you to import and mange fuel receipts by jurisdiction as well. With IFTA, administrators can quickly print reports to aid in filing the IFTA returns necessary.

Benefits of Routing + Dispatching + Compliance

Become ELD Compliant
With the ELD Mandate fast approaching, eliminate the paperwork and become fully compliant before the deadline hits.

Save Time
Combine trip management functionality with HOS compliance on a single device to ensure your drivers complete their routes without going over their hours of service. And, reduce HOS paperwork by 15 minutes per day.

Reduce Distribution Costs and Fleet Miles
Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing in conjunction with the fleet’s business constraints.

Gain Flexibility
Customer needs are constantly changing and the software adapts to meet those needs. Managers or approved drivers can easily modify the day’s plan as changes occur using same-day dynamic plan updates. And, manage late order with powerful “suggest route” tools.

Increase Accuracy
Confirm that routes are executed properly with actual vs. planned data, customer arrival and departure times, and proof of delivery tasks — including quantities delivered, signature capture, and photos. Simple prompts and error-detection logic also help improve accuracy.

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