Omnitracs Strategic Planner

Resource forecasting that takes into account customer preferences and business goals for proactive, comprehensive territory and route planning.

Automatically compare historical data and business requirements for more efficient routing

Use customer and historical delivery and sales data to optimize territories and routes for your workforce. With Omnitracs Strategic Planner you can:

  • Strategically meet the needs of your customers
  • Plan for seasonal spikes in volume
  • Quickly expand into new areas and customer bases
  • Better balance loads, routes, and runtime to save costs


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Easy implementation

Quickly import customer and historical data for territory and route analysis.

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Accurate statistics

Access easily digestible statistics for quick territory and route comparison.

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Better goal setting

Set and track efficiency goals

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Robust reporting

Configure and generate sales, service, and distribution reports.

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Improved communications

Provide drivers with predictable, manageable stop lists.

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Seamless integrations

Connect Omnitracs Routing and Dispatch for an even more streamlined experience.

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