Omnitracs Sylectus Alliance Network

Trucking’s Most Powerful Network

The Omnitracs Alliance Network is the key to thriving in the new trucking economy. It allows operations to scale to customer demand in real time. Be agile, be innovative, and say yes to every opportunity — or the competition will.

To learn more about the criteria for membership, download the Qualification Criteria PDF here.

If you're interested in learning more about Sylectus, please call 888-795-3288 to speak with a dedicated rep.

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Add Manpower

If a customer called with a shipment opportunity today and you didn’t have a truck in the area, would you turn it away? Post the job on the Omnitracs Alliance Network, connect with qualified professionals, negotiate a rate, and keep your customers from calling the competition.

Keep Trucks Full — and Generating Revenue

Find profitable loads on the Omnitracs Alliance Network, avoiding idle assets and empty backhaul.

Broaden Your Reach

Connect with thousands of transportation professionals, including carriers, private fleets, brokers, and more. Combine opportunities and assets and achieve win-win scenarios and revenue creation.

Grow with Reduced Risk

Add customers without expensive investments in equipment, labor, and marketing. Invest when you’re sure the relationship will be long-term and profitable.


Integrates with major carriers, brokers, and other Omnitracs Alliance customers.

Trust and Reliability

Omnitracs makes creditworthiness, payment terms, and safety scores easily accessible. Feel confident you’re working with reliable businesses.


Available at a low price that pays for itself.

Now I feel like I don’t have to really worry about a backhaul load. We have companies calling us in advance. All I have to say is wow!

Musa Matar
President, Nationwide Logistics Express Inc.

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