Omnitracs Trailer Tracking Software

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Proactively Manage Risk

Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking software provides near real-time data on tractor/trailer location and status in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

In addition to this tractor trailer GPS feature, sensors can detect the opening and closing of doors, as well as the presence or absence of cargo. This can be key to cutting costs and protecting cargo, as the International Cargo Security Council estimates that more than $10 billion in merchandise is stolen or damaged each year. Factor in lost productivity and higher insurance premiums and the annual cost soars to approximately $60 billion.

Omnitracs Trailer Tracking solutions help fleets enhance productivity and communication, which can lead to significant cost reduction. Our trailer tracking software is also easy to use and updates are made over-the-air so your drivers can stay on the road.

We offer solutions that can help manage and improve asset visibility. To find out which trailer tracking software with GPS capabilities is right for your fleet, contact us online or call (800) 348-7227 to speak with one of our specialists.


Gain Unparalleled Asset Visibility

Provides detailed status and location information of trailer and containers on the in-cab mobile computing platform when a trailer connection is made.

Ease of Use

Offers easy installation of compact, one-piece terminal, and simple over-the-air feature upgrades.

Ensure Cargo Safety

Sensors detect opening of doors, changes to cargo, unauthorized cargo entrance and exit, and trailer drops at unauthorized locations.

Increase Productivity and Customer Service

Increases productivity through optimized asset utilization, and by providing accurate and timely information to customers.

Integrates with Driver Workflow

Supports custom integration with Omnitracs' Driver Workflow to automatically validate proper trailer connections and alert drivers when incorrect connections are made.

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