Omnitracs Web Browsing

Keep Drivers Connected and Productive

Web browsing virtually extends the office to the cab by enabling drivers to access critical information such as performance reports, pay stubs, weather forecasts, company news and policies, and training materials. With enhanced access to the information they need, and the ability to stay connected with their company and family while on the road, drivers are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction.


Data Usage Configuration

Allows fleets configure the terrestrial data usage allowance by unit and set alerts to notify the driver and back office when monthly usage thresholds are reached.

WiFi Support

Support for in-cab WiFi.

Web Browsing

Intelligent browsing takes into account whether a driver is connected via a terrestrial or wifi network, ensuring the most economical access to the company portal and other critical office functions.

Administrative Controls

Enables fleets to control which websites drivers can access.

Multiple Data Plan Options

Offers cost-effective data plans for the U.S. and Canada.

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