Proof of Delivery

Real-time electronic confirmation of completed delivery tasks

View Detailed Delivery Information Captured by Drivers’ Mobile Devices

Omnitracs Proof of Delivery allows fleets to guide drivers through their days, completing tasks such as collecting signatures, recording accurate delivery and pick-up quantities, and capturing pictures of delivery tasks — all from their smartphone, tablet, heavy-duty handheld, or basic phone. Efficiently monitor your business operations and delivery progress in real-time with GPS driver location tracking.

With Omnitracs Proof of Delivery you can to track driver status and location without calling them. You can also configure the solution to receive notifications when drivers make unplanned stops or travel off-route. Manage by exceptions, ensure your driver is following the intended route, and always stay up-to-date on deliveries, service calls, and route changes throughout the day.

Benefits of Omnitracs Proof of Delivery

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Improve Customer Service

Know when a delivery has been completed and accurately answer potential “Where’s my order?” customer calls.

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Reduce Unnecessary Paperwork

Save time by decreasing the amount of paperwork the driver has to manually complete in-cab.

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Increase Driver Efficiency and Accountability

Track drivers’ arrival and departure times and gain real-time visibility into where your drivers are during the day.

Track Arrivals and Departures of Mobile Employees

Monitoring delivery execution with up-to-the-minute information is critical to providing exceptional customer service. And when your trucks are out in the field, you need to ensure quality and economy are top of mind. Omnitracs’ Proof of Delivery software captures crucial delivery confirmation information in real-time to ensure any scenario is met with prompt and efficient attention.

With proof of delivery functionality, your business can reduce the number of customer complaints while improving the performance of your drivers. Get the information you need to keep track of your fleet from anywhere, optimize fuel and mileage with the most efficient routes, and maximize revenue with Omnitracs Proof of Delivery

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