Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics

Get the Explicit Data You Need to Reduce Costs and Risk

Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics fleet management tool gives operators the actionable answers needed to keep drivers safe, lower fuel consumption, and reduce maintenance costs. Roadnet Telematics fleet management tracking combines GPS-based onboard monitoring technology and engine diagnostics with easy-to-use mapping and reporting software.

Our telematics for fleets track vehicle operating and usage parameters including engine faults, idling time, PTO tracking, and much more. The result is a clear picture of the fleet’s risk level, productivity, and maintenance status — as well as a path to improvement. With such comprehensive data, you'll be able to optimize your fleet's performance, improve productivity, and minimize maintenance costs.

Additionally, our fleet telematics solutions host the data you need in one convenient place. You'll be able to meet compliance standards more efficiently with our centralized, accurate reporting tools.

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Benefits of Roadnet Telematics

Reach Environmental Goals

Eliminate unnecessary miles driven, reduce engine idling, and positively influence driver behavior.

Prevent Injuries, Vehicle Damage, and Insurance Claims

Monitor risky driving behavior and help drivers adopt safe habits through speed control and by limiting after-hours use.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Track and control speed to reduce wear.

Prevent Downtime and Emergency Service

Monitor voltage trends and other performance indicators.

Get the Full Life of Your Leases

Preserve lease and warranty thresholds by tracking and managing mileage more accurately.

Optimize fleet size

Identify under-utilized assets to optimize fleet size.

Get more from your fleet

Monitor time and distance deviations and PTO usage to improve profitability and productivity.

Report Accurately

Use enhanced auditing and reporting tools to calculate IFTA requirements and meet increased compliance obligations.


Save significant dollars related to insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance costs — while improving productivity. Get more out of your fleet than ever before with Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics fleet management system.


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Roadnet Mobile Manager Mobile Application

Quickly View Worker and Equipment Location and Performance – Any Time, From Anywhere

Not every fleet manager spends all their time behind a desk. In today’s mobile world, vital information also needs to be accessible on the go. With Omnitracs Roadnet Mobile Manager, managers can see how their mobile assets are performing from their smartphone or tablet — and make actionable fleet decisions from anywhere.



Benefits of Roadnet Mobile Manager

  • Locate individual workers in real time through data
  • Identify undesirable driver behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, or spending too much time at a stop
  • Monitor route status and see when a worker is traveling, idling, or stopped
  • Collect the data you need by setting filters from a list of exceptions that are specific to your business model


If you are already using Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere’s Fleetview module, download Roadnet Mobile Manager in the Google Play or Apple Store today.

Do you want to be able to see in real time what your drivers and trucks are doing? If so, this is the product for you.

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IT Director, Elias Wilf

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