Route Optimization

Simple, cloud-based fleet routing solution

Be Competitive and Grow by Reducing Overall Transportation Costs

As your orders increase, manual routing methods can hinder your business. With Omnitracs, you can build efficient, automated routes with 100 percent accurate travel times by utilizing historical traffic patterns.

Omnitracs Routing allows you to store custom, delivery-specific rules in the application, leading to more efficient routes. The software centralizes route history to one location, increasing the ease and efficiency your team will have when evaluating and creating routes.

Benefits of Omnitracs Routing

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Delight Customers While Cutting Costs

Our solution helps strike a balance between providing the best service possible and creating fleet efficiencies.

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Be Flexible

Route multiple vehicle types with different capacities and costs and stay on top of last-minute orders.

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Make better business decisions

Understand how your fleet is doing by creating meaningful routing analyses with robust online and standard reporting.

Optimized Routes with the Future in Mind

Route optimization solutions allow you to balance overall workload while decreasing costs and adhering to business constraints. The powerful algorithms of Omnitracs’ daily route planning software encompass customer needs and available resources while considering geographic areas, capacity, and more.

Be prepared for future bumps in the road by pre-planning routes for any number of contingencies — from potential resource crises, to seasonal volume hikes, to sudden long-term traffic issues. Learn more about route optimization.

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