Safety Monitoring

Solutions to protect your drivers, vehicles, and reputation

Increase Driver Safety to Avoid Costly Accident Fees

Safety is a top concern facing the trucking industry. Unsafe driving behaviors contribute to increased accidents, higher insurance premiums, and non-compliance fines for your company.

According to the FMCSA, the average cost of an injury resulting from an accident involving a medium- or heavy-duty truck is 330,000 dollars. That cost can skyrocket to three million dollars if there is a fatality. Unsafe driving behavior is the number one cause of these accidents.  

Omnitracs’ safety applications are designed to help you keep your vehicles, drivers, cargo, and reputation safe.

Safety Monitoring Benefits

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Prevent Accidents

Decrease the odds of an accident by monitoring and correcting risky driving behaviors.

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Save Money

Mitigate the high insurance costs, legal liabilities, repair costs, and non-compliance fines often associated with accidents.

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Monitor Critical Events

Track hard braking, stability control, lane departure, forward collision, following time, speeding, and more risky behaviors.

Proactively Improve Fleet Safety

For best-in-class proven safety solutions, carriers turn to Omnitracs. Our Critical Event Reporting (CER) application enables fleet manager to monitor unsafe driving behaviors to effectively prevent accidents. 

Increase visibility into safety-related occurrences including hard braking, stability control, lane departure, forward collision, following time, and speeding with CER. Provide immediate notification of critical events needed to correct driver behavior and improve safety.

Proactively identify unsafe driving behaviors, coach risky drivers, and prevent accidents before they occur. If an accident does occur, use CER to establish context and possibly exonerate your drivers to avoid legal fees and high insurance premiums.

Increase Visibility into Driver Behavior

Omnitracs’ Critical Event Video (CEV) allows you to view the events of the open road for yourself.  With forward-facing and optional driver-facing cameras, you can get a complete picture of the situation on the road and in the cab before, after, and during a critical event. 

CEV is fully integrated with CER to allow you to decide what types of events trigger a video, the amount of video to include with each event, how long it should be preserved, and which users have access to them.   

Decrease the chance of an accident by correcting poor driver behavior with video proof. And in the event of an actual accident, have a silent witness to accurately and definitively determine and prove cause and effect. 

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Identify and Correct Speeding in Real-Time

Speeding is the biggest contributing factor to accidents and it is also the easiest driver behavior to control. The SpeedGauge Safety Center allows you to see exactly when and where drivers are speeding to accurately identify at-risk drivers and reduce speeding incident frequency.  

As you are probably aware, poor fleet safety and safety scores can have a serious impact on your business, reputation, and ability to thrive. SpeedGauge can improve your fleet safety and CSA scores by reducing speeding violations, speeding incidents, and risk.

Plus, with optional real-time alerts, be more proactive about issues. Provided coaching tools allow you to incentivize the best and coach the rest.

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